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Humans have been gathering in circles since prehistoric times. Especially after the discovery of fire because circle was the way for everyone to get an equal amount heat and light from the fire in the center.

Nowadays, so much of what we do is linear. Classrooms, yoga studios, airplanes, and theaters are all designed with everyone in rows facing the front of the room. Thus leaving everyone looking at the back of each other’s heads.

Gathering in circles allows each of us to be seen and heard equally. There is no front or back. No beginning or end. It allows each individual to be in an equal position without a distinct leader. Being in circle fosters community without hierarchy. We get to support each other while feeling wholly supported.

Every woman in a circle is a leader.


As women, we play lots of roles in our lives. We are daughters, sisters, wives, mothers, business owners, teachers, politicians and community leaders. We manage budgets, spreadsheets, and employees at work while cooking dinner, folding laundry, and doing diapers at home. We do it all.

 With so many responsibilities, and people to care for, we often forget to take care of ourselves.

When women come together with shared purpose of presence, we naturally begin to restore balance in ourselves and the group as a whole. These simple gatherings have the ability to deepen a woman’s confidence in herself and her support network.

Then we can all leave the circle feeling stronger for our families, communities, and the world.


Circles are being hosted all over the world. Weekly circles are hosted by Gigi Yogini at the Modern Sacred HQ in West Los Angeles. All ages and stages are welcome. Children too.

Conference Calls are 4 week cyber circles happening 4 times per year. Enjoy receiving a weekly email, participating in a weekly circle call (get the recording for later listening), and stay connected to your peers throughout the week in a private Facebook Group.

Half Day / Full Day Workshops are hosted as a way to introduce a community to the ways of Modern Sacred Circle. These experiences incorporate yoga, circle communication, and music.

Weekend Intensive Training Retreat is a 3 day weekend built to help you become a better leader in yoga, music, circle, and more. These jam packed weekends are built to boost your confidence to improve your public speaking, yoga instruction, meditation leading, or circle hosting. Best part, you leave with a supportive community.